Art is born in freedom; it has no borders and doesn’t care about races or languages. It is the language of feeling. The artist creates and the work becomes the property of everyone. Each culture interprets it in its own way, whoever receives it integrates it as a distinctive element of their own personality.

SALA, footwear and design accessories, is born with the purpose of combining the styles of Western and African art, to give a breath of fresh air to the world of fashion with original proposals. Based on a totally new fashion concept, we use genuinely African and handmade materials such as raffia, jute, patterned fabrics or leather, among others; we manufacture them through artisan processes in Africa and industrial finishes in Spain in order to offer a high quality product.

After migrating through many countries of the world and a 15-year stay in Barcelona, I felt the moral obligation to return to my origins to contribute with my experience to my native country, Cameroon, and create a bridge between different cultures. For this reason I invested all my material resources and my knowledge in founding the company SALA SARL.

Ali Hamidou

Our goal is to give the opportunity to young people without a profession to train and acquire skills with which to face their future, using them throughout the creation and manufacturing process. We are rigorously committed to fair and ethical employment and the integration of women in the world of work.

Our production is totally environmentally friendly, from the selection of raw materials and throughout the manufacturing process.